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About us
About us

International Gym – chain of international gymnastics centre’s. Our motto: “Active lifestyle from early childhood”.

Our classes operate in format of general gymnastics. Gymnastics at our centers combines different exercises and runs as a base to any sports the child may choose in the future.   

Gymnastics develops all muscle groups, movement, coordination, strengths, flexibility, agility and posture. Gymnastics combines elements of calisthenics and sports gymnastics, trampoline jumps, acrobatics, strength and endurance.

Gymnastics centre’s are equipped with best gear – trampolines, mats, beams, tracks, baby gym and landing pits with foam cubes.

Only qualified and certificated coaches’ work for International Gym.

Our halls
Association: “Olympic Gymnastics Center” LV50008095891
Registered office: Grostonas 6, Riga, LV-1013